The Userfeeds protocol works as a set of relevance layers:

Evaluation Layer

Private key holders sign and publish off-chain messages - "proofs-of-evaluation”.

Proof-Of-Evaluation Message Type

Basic signal of information relevance

Create new relationships between their blockchain addresses and arbitrary information.

Think links, likes, upvotes, downvotes, transactions etc.

Publication, Aggregation and Ranking Layers

'Proofs-of-evaluation' are published, aggregated and then ranked using relevant algorithms.

Userfeeds Relevance Platform

The first working implementation of the Userfeeds Protocol.

Powers the ranking algorithms that run on top of the aggregated graph.

Aggregates 'proofs-of-evaluations' from the Ethereum blockchain

Display Layer

Application interfaces present the output of the algorithms to the end-user.

The user action kickstarts a new evaluation cycle in the Evaluation layer.

Why “Fake News”
is relevant

Watch our introduction video, where we explain the vision, economics, and the incentive model of Userfeeds.

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