Economically-driven sources of information on the open data layer. Display any information and rank them using consensual and non-consensual factors.

Combine consensual information about the tokens with subjective perspectives

Attach information to the token, make it discoverable for token holders

Create custom rankings

Combine on- and off-chain information

Create custom recommendation engines with personalization algorithms

Rank your economic friends


Any action performed on any supported interface can influence the ranking of all the other interfaces in a different way. You don’t add a link to Facebook. The data stays on an open data layer, where its interpretation matters most.

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Bitcoin haters

-25 positions

Bitcoin Agnostics

No change

Bitcoin Lovers

+2 positions

Address draws a new connection between any addressable content, while the reaction is a matter of an interpretation by the interface provider.

What if your HODL was a new Like?

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