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Make your ERC721 social

ERC721 tokens will go beyond crypto-collectibles and gaming. We present a case and ready, forkable dapps to make it happen.

Why did we build it

How to fork it (Coming soon)

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Greg, CTO of Userfeeds owns two ERC721 tokens, cryptokittie named Captain Barbossa and Bot 4085. They can be bought, sold and traded.

However, there’s something that makes them truly special.

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Cpt. Barbossa can purr

Each kittie has its own voice. It can post messages, respond to messages of other crypto-characters, like, vote, react and curate content.

Cpt. Barbossa
can colonize

In a world of ‘fake news’ and misinformation being spread on social media, cryptographically verifiable messages coming from digital cats could become a preferred form of communication.

Cpt. Barbossa is social

The native ‘social graph’ of every kittie message is open, transparent and verifiable.

Cpt. Barbossa
is a network

ERC721 can become more influencial, creating a network of connections

Cpt. Barbossa
is a feed

That can be later aggregated into a feed, that can be ranked using various algorithms and populated across many interfaces.

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