01. About

We Enable Attention Economies For Token-based Communities

Userfeeds is a research & development organisation with a mission to help users allocate their attention and make better choices in the token-based attention economy.

Areas of activity include:

Software Development

Development of the Userfeeds Platform. The open-source software powering tokenized ranking algorithms.

Economic Research

Research around incentive structures around attention economy

Token-based Networks

Coming soon

02. Team

Maciej Olpiński

CEO / Co - founder

Grzegorz Kapkowski

CTO / Co - founder

Jakub Stasiak

Software Engineer

Maciej Górski

Software Engineer

Michał Warda

Software Engineer

Karol Kowalski

Software Engineer

03. Investors

Our investors

We are supported by:

Blue Yard Capital Logo
Blue Yard Capital
Fred Ehrsam
Fred Ehrsam
Piotr Smoleń
Piotr Smoleń

04. Media

As seen in the media

Bitcoin Magazine