We Enable Attention Economies for Token-Based Communities

Helping users allocate their attention more effectively and make better decisions.

01. Introductions

Three Layers of the Userfeeds Platform

Signaling Mechanism

Signaling between token holders using signed messages (“claims”).

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They are glue connecting Economic Identities from blockchain with content present on the Internet (or anywhere else assuming content have proper identification method).

See example.

Ranking APIs

Execution of algorithms that rank claims.

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Most ranking algorithms intended use is to filter and sort content based on criteria passed to the algorithm.

It could be anything from amount of tokens, time of holding to its fluctuation and so on.

See example.

Economic Framework

A token valuation and incentive framework based on the concept of the attention economy.

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Whitepaper outlines the exisiting incentive structures of the attention economy and proposes alternatives based on the tokens and blockchain technology.

02. Examples

Use cases

What can be built using our framework

Link Exchange

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"It’s like Google AdSense for Token-based Communities"

03. Possibilities

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Reputation Currencies

Our model enables quick creation of reputation currency schemes. You can reward users for actions taken within your application with your own currency.

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Decentralized Voting Systems

Governance is still an unsolved problem in the cryptocurrency world. With Userfeeds you can design voting systems to quickly gather feedback on important topics.

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Blockchain-based Ad Networks

Experiment with the blockchain-based equivalent of Google Adsense where you can literally look behind the banner and see the the identity, reputation and history of the advertiser.

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Decentralized Reddit/Twitter

Allow your token-based community to create their own view of social media destinations. Let your community curate Twitter/Reddit/Facebook to surface topics most relevant to them.

04. Presentation

Building Google for the Web 3.0

Watch our introduction video where we explain the vision, economics and the incentive model of Userfeeds.

Don't have time to watch the entire video?

Check out the slides.


Transparency of the blockchain provides full insight into the interaction graph and cryptographic signatures validate origins of the messages.